Tours & Classes

The Lilly Library building is closed from December 6th, 2019 until Summer 2021. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we won't be holding any in person classes in fall 2020. Use this form to request a class consultation or a virtual session.


Rooms and library materials

Lilly Library meeting rooms may be used for class meetings if the class is studying or using Lilly Library items during the semester. Class meetings should be discussed with Public Services (812-855-2452) or

Materials may be placed on hold for personal use. To do so, inform the Reading Room desk attendant. If the item is a book (with the exception of vault books) it will be placed on a hold shelf in the Reading Room and may be requested during subsequent visits. Manuscripts placed on hold may be requested at the Reading Room desk.

Materials may be placed on hold for class use after consultation with the Library staff. It is ESSENTIAL that the staff be informed that the item on hold will be used by a class. Some materials may not withstand frequent handling, and the staff may be able to suggest alternatives or other arrangements to suit the assignment.

The Lilly Library has important primary source items in many areas, including history, literature, and the sciences. In many cases these items are unique or may exist in no other venue on campus. Use of these materials is contingent upon consultation with Library staff who will be able to make suggestions regarding the appropriateness of materials for certain assignments and/or suggest alternatives.