Lilly Library: Request a Class Session/Tour

To request a Lilly Library class session, tour, or digitization for a class, please complete and submit this form. If you encounter any technical issues when completing this form, please contact us using the Ask a Question form.

Lilly Library: Request a Class Session, Tour, or Digitization for a Course

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Virtual librarian visit, including introduction to Lilly Library collections and class discussion
Virtual session with digitized materials or document camera
In-person class session, taught in collaboration with a Lilly librarian
In-person class session, taught by instructor with librarian introduction to Lilly Library
Self-guided group or class tour
Guided group or class tour by Lilly librarian
Materials to be digitized and made available for a course
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Select the desired date, start and end times for your consultation or virtual class session, in order of preference. Please be aware of the Lilly Library's hours of operation when selecting times.

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Please list specific Lilly materials you would like pulled for the class, or let us know what ideas you have and we will get back to you. NOTE: Due to the ongoing move back to the Lilly Library, it may take more time to locate and transport parts of the collection. Lilly Librarians will work with you to select alternatives.