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Comprehensive coverage of the zoological literature from around 1864. The sources are journals, review annuals, monographs, meeting proceedings, books and reports.
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Bibliographical references from more than 6,000 international journals, review annuals, monographs, meeting proceedings, books and reports, representing research in all major areas of zoology, including: behavior, ecology, evolution, genetics, habitat, nutrition, parasitology, reproduction, taxonomy, zoogeography. DISPLAY PROBLEMS WITH IE 9. ISI does not plan to make Web of Knowledge or any of their other databases compatible with IE9 until 2012. If records do not display when the user is viewing the page in WOK, he/she can make that particular page compatible by going up to the address line on the IE browser screen. At the far right side of that screen is a small icon that looks like a broken or torn page. When the user clicks on that icon, the page will start to display in the old format and all of the citations can be viewed. Usually, this change works till the user closes the ISI database. Alternatively, users can put Internet Explorer 9 in Compatibility View. To turn on the Compatibility Mode go to Tools and then select Compatibility View.
1864 to present- Updated monthly
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