Join the IU and Bloomington communities by supporting the Wylie House Museum, a historic house museum on the edge of the Indiana University Bloomington campus. 

Built in 1835 by Andrew Wylie, first president of Indiana University, the Wylie House is now a historic house museum administered by IU Libraries. The museum is open to the public and serves as a campus resource for classes and research. Every year, student employees and volunteers make more information about Wylie House and the Wylie Family accessible to a broader audience. You can see the results of this crucial work through Wylie House's online exhibits. In addition, Wylie House hosts a variety of events each season, with Wylie House by Candlelight as the signature event every December. 

Your funding helps maintain, organize, and digitize letters, photographs, and documents from the Wylie family and Indiana University. In addition to primary source research, new funding supports online exhibits and the historic garden. An examination of history from all academic angles - medical, astronomical, archaeological, agricultural, and more - is laid bare at the Wylie House Museum. 

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