Wylie House Launches Seed Library Program

April 4th 2016
Seed Library

Wylie House is pleased to announce its new venture: a seed library!  We have had a succesful heirloom seed-saving program for more than twenty years. The Seed Library Program is an ideal progression for the museum, "growing" our educational mission as part of I.U. Libraries.Our seed-saving efforts have enhanced our living history practice and provided not only our own gardens with healthy heirloom seeds, but also provided the community with a resource for these unique and genetically diverse seeds through our annual seed sale. 

Branching out into a Library Program will help us continue to educate and share the importance of seed-saving. Here's how it works:  "check out" a packet of seeds, learn how to grow the plant and harvest its seeds, and return seeds to Wylie House in the fall to be a part of a community effort to maintain genetic diversity. More information on the benefits of seed saving and tips can be found here.

Visit us or contact us for more information. We look forward to seed-saving with you!

Today's Hours

10:00am - 2:00pm All hours

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Carey Beam
Carey Beam - Director
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