Wireless Access for Visitors

Visitors who wish to use their personal computers and mobile devices for Wi-Fi access to the Internet at the IU Libraries have two options.  AT&T Wi-Fi access and Network Access Accounts do not allow users access to IU Libraries' subscription databases, electronic books or electronic journals.  Libraries' subscription-based resources must be used on computers in the Libraries through a Library Guest Account.
IU provides free Wi-Fi access to the Internet and electronic mail in selected locations through the AT&T wireless service.  For more information, see How Can IU Visitors Connect to AT&T Wireless Free of Charge?  This service does not allow access to library subscription databases, electronic books, or electronic journals.

Visitors who wish to use their personal computers may also get temporary wireless access by obtaining a Network Access Account for 3-21 days.  Visitors must be sponsored by a full-time IU faculty or staff member.  This account differs from a standard University account and from a Guest Network ID made available by the IU Bloomington Libraries.  It cannot be used for access to subscription-based library resources or for printing.  Users of Network Access Accounts do not need to use VPN or to register their computer's MAC address.

Guests at the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) hotel and participants in some conferences held there can get temporary accounts during their stays. This provides access to the IMU wireless network.  Guests should check at the hotel front desk.

Visitors who are affiliated with a specific department may request that the department sponsor an Affiliate Account.  This account is intended for researchers, contractors, and others who are affiliated with IU Bloomington, but are not IU faculty and staff.

Visitors from IUPUI may use the network just as IU Bloomington students, faculty and staff.  For more information, see About Wireless Connections to the Internet At IU.

Indiana University and Purdue University allow researchers and visitors wireless access to their own networks from each campus.  For details, see Wireless Access at Indiana University and Purdue University.

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