Winter Birds and Wildlife on the Bloomington Campus

Eastern Screech Owl, photo courtesy Vern Wilkins
Eastern Screech Owl

This nocturnal, undersized owl was quietly tucked away in a maple tree on the corner of Woodlawn and 10th, in front of the School of Informatics building.

White-tailed deer, photo courtesy Sherry Wise
White tailed deer

Photographed on the front step of the Wylie House Museum last May, seemingly indifferent to both the presence of the photographer, and the fact that it’s napping in the middle of town!

Cape May warbler, photo courtesy Vern Wilkins
Cape May Warbler

Ordinarily found in Central and South America during our winters; this photo was taken in the IU Arboretum.

Red-tailed hawk, photo courtesy Jian Liu
Red-tailed Hawk

In the snow-covered Woodlawn field, after a bird kill.


A murder of crows comes in for a landing on the roof of the Herman B Wells Library. Video courtesy Anne Haines.

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