Wells Library Faculty Study Guidelines

  • Faculty studies are located on stack floors 4 and on 6 through 10 in the Research Collections (see a list of floors and their collections).  “Full-time” IUB faculty members who are actively using the collections of the Wells Library for teaching/research may request a faculty study assignment.  There is always more demand for study space than there are available assignments.  A waiting list is maintained.   Because of space limitations, all studies are assigned to 2 faculty members.  Faculty sharing studies must be prepared to work collegially and to equitably share the limited study/shelving space.   Do not permit another person to use your study/key.   Team/student projects are not permitted in faculty studies. Studies are for individual study/research only. 
  • IUB Faculty may request a study assignment using the Wells Library Faculty Study Request form.  Assignments will be distributed via email, study keys may be picked up at the Research Collections Circulation Counter after the receipt of the assignment.     
  • Study assignments must be renewed annually. An email renewal reminder will be sent to all study holders each fall.  It is the responsibility of the faculty member to renew the study by the renewal deadline, if needed for an additional year. If a study is not renewed, it will be cleared and assigned to another faculty member.  Likewise, when it appears that the study is no longer being actively used by an assignee, it will be cleared and reassigned.
  • If for any reason you will not be using your study for the assigned term, please notify a Circulation Supervisor at libcirc@indiana.edu so that it may be reassigned.
  • To charge a book to your study, fill out a blue charge slip (available by the computer terminals on each stack floor).  You must include your study number and the call number of the book on the blue slip.  Your name is not required, but helpful in returning materials to the appropriate study.  Insert the slip in the book and leave the book on your desk in an obvious place.  Student Study Chargers will charge the book at your study.  This will generally occur twice a week.  Once charged, leave the charge slip in the book with the “charged” date visible.
  • Library materials without charge slips will be removed from your study. 
  • ALF materials MAY be charged to studies. 
  • Reference materials, bound periodicals, theses, reserve materials and Core Collection materials cannot be charged to your study. Likewise, ILL materials or materials from other IU Libraries cannot be charged to your study.     
  • To discharge a book, turn the charge slip around in the book so that the words, “To Be Discharged” are visible, and leave the book on your desk (or you may return it to the circulation desk).  A library staffer will remove the book.  Please do not reshelve the book.
  • If a study-charged book is requested for reserve, the library staff will immediately remove the book from the study, and leave an explanatory note. The study charge will be cancelled. 
  • A library customer may recall a study-charged book.  Upon receiving a recall notice, we request that the book be returned to the RC Circulation desk. Library staff will remove any recalled item that has not been returned within 10 days of the recall notice date.
  • Recalled items or items removed for reserve use are not automatically returned to your study after use. 
  • To charge a study-charged book for home use, bring the book and the charge slip to the East Tower circulation counter so that it can be switched to your personal account. To charge a home use book to your study, have it checked in at the circulation counter, take it to your study, and fill out a new charge slip as detailed above.   
  • If a study-charged book is requested by another patron for temporary use or overnight charge, it will be removed by library staff and an explanatory note will be left. The book will usually be returned to the study desk within 24 hours.

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