Welcome Week 2023 festivities recap

Graduate Student Reception

The bust of Herman B Wells in the library lobby, and a sign on an easel reading "Welcome, grad students! Graduate Student Reception 3-5 PM Today"
A group of smiling people, many holding prizes.
Luddy School students were big winners at Bingo with the Dean of Libraries!
Library staff members stand behind a large cooler of bottled beverages while students help themselves.
Two smiling librarians staff the "Make a Nametag" table.
Sciences librarans Jen Simms and Amy Minix helped students make nametags.
Students stop by an information table and converse with staff members there.
A Chocolate Moose employee serves cups of ice cream from a cart on the library patio.
Bingo cards and markers.
Several copies of the book "A Flame Called Indiana," a totebag filled with packaged snacks, and red plastic IU Libraries tumblers.
Bingo prizes included IU Libraries swag and this wonderful IU Press book.
Several people standing in a group, talking. The area behind them is crowded.
Students chatting with East Asian Studies librarian Wen-ling Liu.
A librarian points at something on a computer screen while a student looks on.
Scholarly Communication Librarian Karen Farrell helped students set up their ORCiD research profiles.
A photographer takes a photo of a student standing against a red backdrop.
Photographer Ellie Pursley took professional headshots of over 100 students.
A crowd of people talking in small groups in the Scholars' Commons.
People sitting at round tables with Bingo cards and markers as a woman in a red shirt calls the numbers.
Bingo! with the Dean of Libraries, Diane Dallis-Comentale
Several people staanding in a group, talking.

Herman B House Party

A student raises their fists in the air with a triumphant smile as others look on; in the foreground is a video game controller.
Students seated around a table playing Trivial Pursuit
A student has a look of concentration on her face while working on a craft project.
One student reaches to remove a block from a Jenga tower while another looks on.
A student ponders his next move while standing next to a giant chess board.
A brightly-colored box labeled Trivial Pursuit Totally 80's. Tubular! Awesome! Remember more than you know about the decade of yuppies, big hair and break dancing.
Two smiling students with bags of popcorn.
Many students working on crafts projects in a corridor of the Learning Commons.
Students play a game of table tennis in the Wells Library lobby while other students watch.
A box of cookies; in front of it hanging from the table is a paper IU Libraries flag.
Library staff members hand a cup of ice cream to a smiling student.
An IU Libraries staff member hands a bag of freshly-popped popcorn to a student.
Students look in in surprise as a Jenga tower topples.
Several people playing a game of poker, with cards and poker chips in front of each person.
A student has just released a ball towards a set of bright yellow bowling pins.
The same student from the previous image raises his hands in triumph as all of the bowling pins have been knocked down. Several students around him smile and applaud.
Two students playing a game of cornhole.