Media Services will support the teaching, learning, and cultural needs of Indiana University-Bloomington faculty, instructors, students, staff, and the Bloomington community by maintaining a high-quality collection of non-print media, providing prompt access to reliable information resources,and providing excellent user service and support. 

Space for individual, group study, or collaboration:

  • Open study space for individual or group study.  Casual seating, eight tables have capacity for 4 people.
  • Four tables dedicated to board games have capacity for 4 people.
  • Large screen TV to highlight archival, and contemporary media collections.
  • Twelve media viewing carrels for MPDI, DVD, VHS, Laserdisc and ¾” U-Matic playback.
  • Four media rooms have capacity for 5 people, conference table, whiteboard, and collaborative technology.
  • Media room reservations for class use, faculty, and group study.
  • Media rooms cannot be used to hold office hours.
  • Priority use for viewing carrels, and media rooms are for media-related projects and viewings.

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Contact Us:

Call: (812) 855-1650 E-mail:

Mailing address: 1320 East Tenth Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47405