Students, Start Your Two-Step: What You Need to Know for VPN Access to Library Resources

February 1st 2017

You've probably heard about Two-Step Login (Duo), a new security measure that will be put into place on February 2 for IU faculty, staff and student employees. More about Two-Step Login (Duo) at IU.

We've recently learned that Two-Step Login will be required for all users of the off-campus VPN (virtual private network), which is frequently used by students, faculty and staff to securely access IU's network from anywhere in the world.

The following UITS resources will help you ensure that you can continue to access IU content, including library resources, using the VPN:

The "Getting Started with Two-Step Login (Duo) at IU" article has step-by-step information about how to do the initial setup, or you can contact the UITS Support Center for additional help in setting up Duo, or to request a single-button hardware token.

Trouble with electronic resources once you've connected? Please let us know! We will be happy to troubleshoot.


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