U.S. Federal Reference Shelf

Posted by Sarah Alexander, Technical/Reference Associate
Photograph of the Library of Congress

This is a list of frequently used Federal sources and how they may be accessed. Many of them are available online and in print.

Bill of Rights
Print: Y 1.1/7:102-188 SuDocs Reference
Budget of the U.S. Government (FY 1996-)
Print: PREX 2.8: Latest SuDocs Reference
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Programs
Print: PREX 2.20: Latest SuDocs Reference & Computer Disk
Code of Federal Regulations
Print: AE 2.106/3: SuDocs Reference
Condition of Education
Print: ED 1.109: Latest SuDocs Reference
Congressional Bills (Online at Congress.gov)
Print: Y 1.4: SuDocs Microfiche
Congressional Directory
Print: Y 4.P 93/1:1/# Latest SuDocs Reference
Congressional Record (Historically available through Hein Online)
Print: X 1.1: SuDocs Stacks and microfiche
Congressional Record Index (1983-) (Historically available through Hein Online)
Print: X 1.1: SuDocs Stacks
Constitution of the United States of America
Print: Y 1.1/7:102-188 SuDocs Reference
Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation
Print: Y1.1/2:14152 SuDocs Reference
Core Documents of U.S. Democracy [E-Only]
Country Background Notes
Print: S 1.123: Reference
County and City Databook
Print: C 3.134/2: C83/2 Latest SuDocs Reference
County Business Patterns (e-Only)
Crime in the United States (Uniform Crime Reports)
Print: J 1.14/7: Latest SuDocs Reference
Compilation of Presidential Documents (2009- )
Declaration of Independence
Print: U.S. Government Manual AE 2.108/2: SuDocs Reference
For facsimile edition, Oversize LC 1.28:[4]
Digest of Education Statistics (e-only with 2004)
Print: ED 1.140: Latest SuDocs Reference
(earlier - ED 1.310/2:, ED 1.326:, ED 1.113:, HE 19.315:)
Economic Indicators
Print: Y4 .Ec7: Ec7/ Reference Desk
Economic Report of the President (1995-)
Print: PR# SuDocs Reference
Federal Register
Print: AE 2.106 check IUCAT for location
Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
Print: S 1.69/2: SuDocs Stacks (See IUCAT for preceding call numbers)
Green Book: Background Material and Data on Programs within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Ways and Means (1994-)
Print: Y 4.W 36:10-4/ Latest SuDocs Reference
Health, United States
Print: HE 20.7042/6: SuDocs Reference
History of Bills (1983-) [E-ONLY]
National Atlas of the United States (e-only)
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
Print: PREX 2.6/2:IN 27 Latest SuDocs Stacks
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Print: L 2.3/4: Latest SuDocs Reference
O*Net (Occupational Information Network) Online
Print: HB2595.O16 2002 Latest SuDocs Reference
Our Documents: 100 Milestone Documents
Print: E173.U62 2003 L.C. Reference
Includes documents that chronicle U.S. history from 1776 to 1965.
Plum Book (1996-)
Print: PM1.9: Latest SuDocs Reference
Projections of Education Statistics
Print: ED 1.20: Latest SuDocs Reference
Public and Private Laws
Print: AE 2.110: SuDocs Reference
Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States
Print: AE 2.114: SuDocs Reference
Social Security Handbook
Print: SSA 1.8/3: Latest SuDocs Reference
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
Print: J 29.9/6: Latest SuDocs Reference
Statistical Abstract of the United States (1878-)
Print: C 3.134: Latest SuDocs Reference
Supreme Court Decisions, 1937-
For all, consult Lexis-Nexis Academic, Legal Research or consult CQ Press Supreme Court Collection
Print: Shelves ALF -- Request at Reference Desk
Uniform Crime Reports (FBI) (1995-)
Print: J 1.14/7: Latest SuDocs Reference
United States Code
Y 1.1/3: ET2 SuDocs Reference
United States Government Manual (1995-)
Print: AE 2.108/2: Latest SuDocs Reference
U.S. Embassies and Consulates
For Print see Diplomatic List S1.2: or Key Officers S1.40/5: Latest ET2 Reference Desk
U.S. Industry & Trade Outlook
Print: C 61.48 Latest Reference Desk
World Factbook
Print: PREX 3.15: Latest SuDocs Reference