Many records created by the University do not have long-term historical, legal, or evidential value and only need to be retained for a select number of years. The schedules below have been created or approved by University administration. If your office or types of records are not listed below, please contact the University Archives.

Administrative Units - Various (2016)
General guidelines for various units issued by the Office of the Vice President and General Counsel

Office of the President
These retention schedules indicate how long the Office of the President retains these records. It does not include recommendations on how long copies of these records should be retained by other offices and departments.


The schedules below are currently under review for updates and changes. Please consult with the contact(s) listed prior to implementing any retention policies.

Office of the Registrar
Rather than a disposition schedule for other university departments, this document represents a list of record series that were or, in some cases, still are being created by or received at the Office of the Registrar. This schedule was created by administrative staff in the Registrar’s Office and provides a true and faithful representation of types of records maintained in the Office of the Registrar and of the designated period of time that the record series are retained.

Office of the Vice President for International Affairs (2013)

Academic Personnel (2003)
Reach out to your campus Academic Personnel contact with questions.

Human Resources
Reach out to your campus Human Resources contact with questions.

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