Thea Atwood.

Thea Patricia Atwood

Public & Environmental Health Sciences Librarian
Associate Librarian

Chemistry Building, 002

(812) 855-5027

Subject specialist inEnvironmental and Occupational Health

As Public and Environmental Health Sciences Librarian, Thea Atwood helps scholars and students in the areas of public health and environmental health find the resources they need to complete their research and work. She also leads the Systematic and Evidence-Based Reviews service, which provides guidance and assistance on systematic reviews and other evidence-based syntheses.

Thea came to librarianship with a strong desire to improve reproducibility and transparency in research. She has published on the establishment of a data repository at her previous organization, a major effort towards improving the transparency of research results, as well as community building through grassroots efforts. At IUB, her focus is on reproducible research practices in her liaison areas. She is also excited to lead the Systematic and Evidence-Based Reviews service, through which she can incorporate both systematic searching and data management best practices.

She is a Certified Carpentries Instructor, a member of the Medical Library Association (MLA), the American Library Association (ALA), the Indiana University Librarians Association (InULA), and a co-founder of the New England Software Carpentry Library Consortium (NESCLiC) and the ACRL New England Chapter’s Research Data Special Interest Group (ACRL-NEC RDSIG).

Thea joined the IU Libraries in 2022 as the Public and Environmental Health Sciences Librarian. She received her B.S. in Psychology in 2007 from Indiana University Bloomington, and her M.S.L.I.S. from Syracuse University in 2012. Prior to joining the IU Libraries, Thea served as the Data Services Librarian at the University of Massachusetts, where she and her colleagues established the University’s data services program and the research data repository at UMass. She also served as one of the Science and Engineering Librarians at the University of Massachusetts, and as the Sciences Librarian at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.

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