from "Czeck American Polka Music in Wisconsin." by James P. Leary, pg 33-53
Edited by Kip Lornell and Anne K. Rasmussen
1933, Chicago, Illinois. Performed by: Romy Gosz and His Orchestra. Romy Gosz-trumpet; Jim Jirikovic-trumpet; Linky Kohlbeck-saxophone and vocal; Fritz Puls-bass horn; Gordy Kohlbeck-piano; Andy Heier-drums and vocal.
This old time waltz, beginning with an introductory passage typical of Czech dance tunes, is dominated by the slurring, slightly dissonant trumpet of legendary bandleader Romy Gosz–whose brassy phrases are echoed by a second trumpet and a saxophone. Note, too, the parallel relaxed slur of the harmonized vocals. The characteristically precise and stately tempo established by the bass horn or tubas suited to dancers. The tinkling piano fills, meanwhile, are a jazz-age innovation, while the faintly martial drum rolls hard back to the marches favored by Czech brass bands.
A polka band of six men poses in front of a barn.
“Polka King” Romy Gosz, with trumpet, poses with his band at a wedding dance on a farm in the vicinity of Wisconsin’s Manitowoc and Kewaunee Counties, 1950s. Courtesy Jim Eisenmann.

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