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  • Important Journals in Social Psychology

    Advances in experimental social psychology
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  • Journal of personality
  • Journal of health and social behavior
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  • Internet Resources

    Social Psychology Network
    A vast site for social psychology resources. Organizations, Ph.D. programs, career resources, home pages for social psychologists. Links for numerous topics in social psychology. Maintained by Scott Plous at Wesleyan University.
  • Social Psychology
    Covers a variety of topics in social psychology. Theories, methods, collective behavior, self, and more. By Michael C. Kearl.
  • Great Ideas in Personality
    Deals with scientific research in personality. Covers theories, journals, and psychologists in personality. Maintained by G. Scott Acton at Northwestern University.
  • Social Cognition Paper Archive and Information Center
    Archive of preprints and abstracts of papers and presentations. Links to researchers' websites.
  • Ph.D. Programs in Social Psychology
    List of schools with sites for their social psychology programs. From the Social Psychology Network.