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The IU Libraries' Teaching & Learning Department is pleased to coordinate instructional grant opportunities for IU faculty and instructors who endeavor to infuse their courses with information literacy assignments and assessments. Annual grant opportunities are offered in order to encourage the incorporation of research strategies and skills into coursework and to enhance students' understanding of the process for seeking, evaluating, and using information in scholarly contexts. The grants are intended to create opportunities for librarians and faculty to work together to help students achieve these learning goals.

Information Literacy Grants

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Instruction Materials

These instruction materials are for instructors and librarians teaching research and information skills (information literacy). These materials are organized into the following aspects of information literacy:

  • Inquiry: Exploring and developing research questions; identifying and evaluating information needs
  • Evaluation: Assessing functions and uses of sources 
  • Knowledge creation: Using information to construct and communicate knowledge
  • Conversation: Engaging in the exchange of ideas and knowledge. 

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Information Literacy

Link to library resources in Canvas

Courseload and Canvas allow instructors to post complete articles as well as links to those articles.  Although posting an article seems easy, copyright laws and the licenses required by publishers can restrict the items that can be uploaded and posted.  Some publishers do not allow uploading of articles at all, instead allowing only direct links.  Others allow articles to be posted for a short time period.

We have prepared three steps to take to include subscription-based articles from the Libraries in your Courseload or Canvas site.

Read detailed instructions for these steps

Request an instructional consultation

Teaching & Learning librarians are available to consult with departments or individual faculty, instructors, and librarians to discuss the integration of research knowledge and informed literacy into courses and assignments. Instructional consultations may also be referred to a subject librarian, when appropriate. This instructional support service is being offered in order to create a sustainable, meaningful approach to developing information literacy experiences at IUB.

Consultations can happen anytime during the year, but are most effective if timed to occur prior to the launch of a course. Consult with a librarian to:

Faculty & Instructors:

Seminars and Workshops

Free student workshops and public lectures are offered each semester on aspects of research and information literacy.

Scholars Commons Workshop Series

Scholars Commons workshops are designed to help researchers and scholars manage the process and understand the technology, tools, and best practices that will help them move their work forward, apply for grants, and get published in a variety of platforms. View full calendar.

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