Copying and Scanning Library Materials

Most IUB libraries have photocopiers and scanners for your use.


You must use your Campus Access Card to pay for copies.  Note: Copy machines in the Wells Library do not accept cash or credit cards.

Visitors may obtain a Library Guest Account and scan materials rather than photocopying them. Saving scanned images to a flash drive, depositing them in an online storage service such as Box, or sending them via email can be done at no charge. To print copies, visitors must purchase a print card. For more information, see Library Guest Account.

IUB students, faculty and staff may now send faxes online using the IU Fax Service. For more details, see the UITS KB document, About the IU Fax Service.

For information about copy machines in specific IUB campus libraries, refer to the Amenities listing, available via the home page for those locations (for example, Herman B Wells Library.)


The Libraries recommend that users scan materials they would like to keep and either send the scanned documents to themselves via email or download them to a portable "flash" or "thumb" drive.  There is no charge for scanning.  Portable drives may be available for purchase in the vending machine in the Learning Commons, near the restrooms.

Scanning standard 8 1/2" x 11" pages is free in the IU Bloomington Libraries.  Units in the Herman B Wells Library (Scholars' Commons Digitzation Lab, East Tower 2nd floor, West Tower 4th floor) and all branch libraries have flatbed scanners that are available to all patrons.  Scanned documents can be loaded onto a thumb/flash drive or sent to an e-mail, Canvas or Box account.

Printing of scanned results uses the standard printing procedures and allocations.

Special scanning equipment and services are available as well:

Microfilm and Microfiche
Government Information, Maps and Microform Services (East Tower, 2nd floor) has microform machines that can scan pages.  These scans can be printed, saved to a flash drive, and/or be e-mailed.  More information on microform scanning.

GIS Services

Maps and GIS Services are available primarily in Government Information, Maps, & Microform Services.

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. It is a way to organize, analyze, store, manage, and view spatial data. GIS generally refers to a system comprised of data, a person doing analysis, hardware, and specialized software. The Indiana University Libraries partners with University Information Technology Services (UITS) to provide library users with ESRI’s ArcGIS software on almost all public workstations. Library staff is available to:

  • Help users identify and locate data for use with GIS.
  • Connect users with appropriate training materials.
  • Provide access to computers, GIS software, software and other desktop mapping applications.
  • Work with faculty and instructors to integrate geospatial and statistical data into relevant classes and coursework. Identify, acquire and provide access to geospatial and statistical data.

Where to Get Help

ArcGIS software is available on all Student Technology Center computers, including those in Government Information, Maps and Microform Services and the Learning Commons. ArcGIS in the IU Libraries is available for research and instructional use only. Non-educational (i.e. commercial) use is prohibited by our site license. The GIS Librarian, located in Government Information, Maps & Microform Services, offers consultations for GIS use, including making maps and locating and formatting data for use with GIS. To schedule a consultation, call (812) 855-6924 or e-mail

For more information about GIS in the IU Libraries, including data sources and training materials, visit GIS at the Library.


Many IU Libraries have microfilm, microfiche, and other microform holdings.

The Education Library holds a large collection of microfiche for the ERIC Document Collection. The microfiche are located in the center of the library and are filed in numerical order. Copies can be printed using the microfiche reader/printer in the Education Library.

The largest collection of microformats is in Government Information, Maps, and Microform Services (GIMMS), located on the second floor of the East Tower in the Herman B Wells Library. The department's equipment views and scans microfilm, microfiche, and microopaques. Images can be scanned in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP formats and saved to CD, flash drive, or any Internet file storage service. Scans can also be printed like any other document. Anyone is welcome to use the equipment any time the department is open, but for periodical articles and short, public domain works, IU affiliates may use Document Delivery Services to request that PDFs be made for them at no cost.

Offsite, non-IU affiliated persons, should first contact their local library and inquire about Interlibrary Loan.


  • ScanningFlatbed scanners Scanning
  • Nursing Mothers/Lactation RoomAsk at GIMMS Service Desk for door key and location. Refrigerator and Medela Lactina Select Pump available. Nursing Mothers/Lactation Room
  • PrintingBlack and white printing only Printing
  • Computer WorkstationsComputers available to IU affiliates and all U.S. citizens according to Federal Depository regulations. Computer Workstations
  • TechnologyMicroformat viewers and scanners. Assistance is always available. Technology
  • Quiet Study SpaceGIMMS is a low-talking area. No groups, please. Quiet Study Space

Contact Info

Wells Library 250B
1320 East Tenth Street
Indiana University
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Emily Alford
Emily Alford - Head of Government Information, Maps and Microform Services, Assistant Librarian
(812) 855-8155

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