Seeds Available for Purchase at the Wylie House

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[Updated April 2017]

We are constantly working to improve and expand our Heirloom Gardens at the Wylie House.

We are pleased to offer the following varieties of seed for sale to the public. All of our seeds are grown without the aid of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and all have been germination tested. An asterisk (*) denotes a variety new to us this year.

  • Seeds are $2.00 per packet when bought in person at the museum.
  • Seeds are $2.50 per packet when ordered through the mail.  Make out checks to Indiana University/Wylie House Museum and mail to: 307 E 2nd St, Bloomington, IN 47401

We have a limited quantity of some seeds.

Amish Cockscomb
Blackberry Lily
Blue Boy Bachelor Buttons
Bread Seed Poppy
Canary Bird Zinnia
*Carousel Zinnia
Crackerjack Marigold Mix
Cypress Vine
Diablo Cosmos
Globe Amaranth Mix
Hopi Red Dye Amaranth
Hungarian Blue Bread Seed Poppy
*Indian Spring Hollyhock
Legion of Honor Marigold
Love-in- a-Mist
*Mary Helen Marigold
Mixed Columbine
Money Plant
*Purple-leaved Hyacinth Bean
Purple-top Verbena
Redman Super Cactus Zinnia
*Royal Purple Zinnia
Straw Foxglove
Woodland Nicotiana
Anise Hyssop
Bronze Fennel
Cinnamon Basil
Clary Sage
*Lemon Mint
Black Mustard
Bleu de Solaise Leek
Brandywine Tomato
*Burgandy Okra
*Carrot Hot Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Cherokee Purple Tomato
Cow Pea
*Devil’s Ear Lettuce
Dipper Gourd
Double Yield Cucumber
Early Fortune Cucumber
*Etudia Sweet Pepper
*Fish Hot Pepper
Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa Tomato
Hollow Crown Parsnip
May Queen Lettuce
Ragged Jack Kale
Tom Thumb Pea
Sweet Pepper Mix
Tres Fine Maraichere Endive
White Currant Tomato