1. Moving Image Collections and Archives

    The Moving Image Collections and Archives in the IU Bloomington Libraries is the home of the Black Film Center Archive, the IU Libraries' Moving Image Archive, and the Libraries' Media...

    Type: Department
  2. Informatics, Computing, & Engineering

    Informatics encompasses subjects including library and information science and computer science, and incorporates specializations in social, medical, musical, and bioinformatics.
    Type: Research Guide
  3. Jewish Studies

    Strengths of the collection include Rabbinical literature and Biblical studies, Late antiquity, Jewish history, Zionism, Jewish philosophy and thought, Jewish Diaspora, Land of Israel history and geography, Holocaust- history, literature and personal narrative documentation and biography, Hebrew literature: Piyyutim, medieval and modern, Arab-Israeli conflict, Hebrew/Israeli language and culture. The Jewish Studies collections are complemented by strong collections in Slavic Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, History and Religion Studies, as well as by rare books and manuscripts in the collections of the Lilly Library.
    Type: Research Guide
  4. Latin American and Caribbean Studies

    Pertains to the study of culture, history, language and social sciences relating to Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru, as well as other countries in central America and the Caribbean.
    Type: Research Guide
  5. Latino Studies

    Pertains to the multidisciplinary study of the diverse Latino population of the United States. Examines topics such as diaspora and civil rights.
    Type: Research Guide
  6. Slavic and East European Studies

    IU's Slavic and East European collection is one of the most extensive Slavic and East European collections of North America. The collection is comprehensive covering more than 15 vernacular language publications and is well developed to support PhD researches in many areas. It is much more than a Russia-focused collection. Polish, Czech, Romanian, and Slovenian collections are also very strong.
    Type: Research Guide
  7. European Studies

    Pertains to the history and the social and policy sciences that investigate contemporary political, institutional, sociological, and cultural developments in Europe and the European Union.
    Type: Research Guide
  8. Education

    Supports programs in Counseling & Educational Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Instructional Systems Technology, and Language Education. Available in the Education Library, the collection is strong in the following areas: history of education, teaching, elementary and secondary education, school finance, school administration and organization, education of women, education of the gifted and handicapped, and American educational institutions.
    Type: Research Guide
  9. Medicine

    Pertains to the science that studies wellness and disease with an emphasis on cell biology, pharmacology, physiology and biophysics. Research is frequently conducted in the fields of cancer, neural science, chemistry, biochemistry, biology and others.
    Type: Research Guide
  10. Nursing

    This research guide supports the teaching and learning needs of the School of Nursing in Bloomington. It provides access to a wide range of clinical and biomedical tools and resources, along with updates on events and training sessions hosted by the Libraries.
    Type: Research Guide