Science Data Management Preparing Data

How to Prepare Your Data for Submission to the IUScholarWorks Repository and the SDA

The IUScholarWorks repository is home to a diverse collection of research data from across the disciplines. Our repository and the SDA service provide cloud storage solutions for research of any size. There is no "one size fits all" solution to data management, however, so consider these instructions a set of guidelines rather than gospel, and feel free to contact us at with further questions.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Determine whether your data is suitable for storage in IUScholarWorks or the SDA:Visit the Data Content Guidelines to learn more.
  2. Address privacy concerns: Data that is subject to IRB regulations or HIPAA, or is of an otherwise sensitive nature should be deposited in the researcher's SDA account, not in the IUScholarWorks repository. It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that all research data they wish to make publicly available is de-identified. For more information on what constitutes sensitive data, consult the Knowledge Base.
  3. Follow the data deposit steps outlined on the wiki: The wiki describes how toprepare and deposit your data to IUScholarWorks repository, regardless of size.

If you have any questions or concerns during the course of submitting your data, contact:

Science Data Management Librarian

Heather Coates
Digital Scholarship and Data Management Librarian
University Library

IU East
Matt Dilworth
Coordinator, Reference & Media Services
Campus Library

IU Kokomo
Angie Thorpe
Digital User Experience Librarian
IU Kokomo Library

IU Northwest
Tim Sutherland
Director of Library Services
Indiana University Northwest Library

IU South Bend
Scott Opasik
Head of Access Support
IU South Bend Franklin D. Schurz Library

IUPU Columbus
Emily Dill
Executive Director
University Library of Columbus