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Collection of monographs originally published in Western Europe provides insights on the military ebb and flow of Russian-Ottoman relations (1600-1914)
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Part of the Slavic studies bundle
Multiple languages; Texts predominantly in German, also in English, French, Italian, and Latin, and occasionally in Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Turkish. Series: The Eastern question; Variation: Eastern question (IDC Publishers) Abstract: The origins, 1600-1800: 193 monographs on Russian-Ottoman relations. This was a dynamic period in Turkish, Russian, Middle Eastern, and Western European history, in which the foundations of the present-day spheres of influence were laid. The sources were published in Europe over a period of two centuries; they provide detailed insight, not only into the military hassles in the Ottoman-Russian relations, but also into the effects these hassles had on public opinion in Europe. Included are treaties, travel reports, decrees, etc. (OCLC)Contents of the set:
1. The origins, 1600-1800 -- 2. Shifts in the balance of power, 1800-1853 -- 3. The Crimean War, 1854-1856 -- 4. The end of the empires, 1857-1914.

Coverage: Documents from 1600-1914 - Updates Vary

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