Resolution for Bystander Intervention Training

WHEREAS Indiana University students and the student newspaper have reported a bias incident on campus involving one or more individuals disrupting regular campus activity by voicing racial slurs and threats (;

WHEREAS no one surrounding the incident voiced any opposition to the racial slurs and threats or checked in with any individuals directly targeted in the action;

WHEREAS Indiana University’s Principles of Ethical Conduct ( specifies valuing “Diversity of community and ideas” and “Respect for the dignity of others”;

WHEREAS Indiana University supports a Culture of Care in the areas of sexual well-being, drug and alcohol awareness, mental health, and respect (;

WHEREAS Indiana University Bloomington Faculty Council passed a Resolution against Harassment (;

WHEREAS Indiana University Libraries' Diversity Strategic Plan promotes "an environment where respect, equity, and inclusion are valued" and contains two best practices with regards to providing regular diversity-related programming and outreach (; and

WHEREAS several Indiana University offices offer bystander intervention programs specifically designed to train and empower individuals to intervene in problematic situations such as the discrimination and harassment experienced by victims of this recent bias incident (,,;


The Bloomington Library Faculty

  1. Heeds the concerns of the students reporting this incident.
  2. Resolves to be a better example of Indiana University’s Principles of Ethical Conduct and Culture of Care for students on this campus.
  3. Supports the Bloomington Faculty Council Resolution against Harassment.
  4. Will work with the appropriate groups to schedule ongoing and regular bystander intervention training for Libraries faculty, staff, and temporary employees.

Adopted by the Bloomington Library Faculty, March 25, 2019