Reserving a library study space

How it works

IU Libraries continues to offer its space reservation system to ensure the greatest number of students can access the available workstations and study spaces. No eating or drinking is allowed outside of the Bookmark[et] Eatery on the ground floor of Wells Library. 

A close up image on a women's hands on a mobile device
Get started with the online reservation system to choose your library location, and find the type of space you want to use. Pro tip: At the Wells Library, the former Collaboration Rooms are now known as Single Person Enclosed Study Rooms.  You will get an email confirmation. 

Arrive a few minutes before your appointment time. You will need to check in, please allow time for a short wait. At Wells Library, use the North entrance (10th Street side), the South (parking lot) entrance, or the accessible Patio entrance if an elevator is desired.

Make sure you have your technology charged - not all seats have outlets available.  Do you have your mask? You will need it for the duration of your reservation.

two students enter a library
Several students are in a library lobby checking in for services

Once you arrive, don't proceed directly to your reserved space, instead, stop and check in with library staff. At Wells Library, look for the student HOSTs located outside the East and West tower entrances, and on the ground floor near the West Tower elevators.  You will need to show your email reservation.  If you need help finding your seat, just ask.


Locate your space. Confirm the printed number on the space with your email.  Is someone in your seat? At the Wells Library, you can return to the HOST station, or send a text message to 812-405-4678 with your specific space identified.   At other locations, visit the main information desk with your questions. 
A male student looks closely at a sign to confirm his reservation number
A focus on this image of a student studying is the sign asking her to clean the space.
Bring wipes and hand sanitizer with you.  Library locations have sanitizer at entrances and high traffic areas but may not have any near your specific study area.  You are responsible for wiping down your technology, desk and armrests before and after you use the study space.  If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your space or need help, contact the HOST station or visit the main information desk in your area.
Student hosts will be available in the Wells Library to help with safe practices.  All students must wear a mask the entire time you use a library study seat or workstation.  Even if you are in a Single Person Enclosed Space, masks are required. For this reason, eating is not allowed in the libraries for Fall 2020. If you have a concern about the behavior of others, contact the HOST team or visit the main information area in your location.
A female student in a uniform talks with another seated student in a library
A student places items in her backpack in a library study area.

When your reserved time is up you have a few minutes to pack up, clean up your space and dispose of any trash.