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  • Mathematics

    Resources related to the fields of algebra, analysis, complex analysis, geometry, logic, mathematical physics, partial differential equations, applied mathematics and computation, probability and statistics, and topology. Financial mathematics, quantum computing and econometrics comprise other specialties in the field.

  • Media Studies

    Media Studies refers to the broad range of interdisciplinary subjects focusing on media culture and production.
  • Medicine

    Pertains to the science that studies wellness and disease with an emphasis on cell biology, pharmacology, physiology and biophysics. Research is frequently conducted in the fields of cancer, neural science, chemistry, biochemistry, biology and others.

  • Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

    The Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies collection supports the research and curriculum needs of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC) and related academic units in the College of Arts and Sciences. The collection contains both primary and secondary source materials with an emphasis on scholarly publications in the humanities and social sciences, and on materials in the three main vernacular languages of the area: Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian, as well as ancient Greek, Kurdish, Ottoman Turkish, Syriac, and Urdu.
  • Military Science

    Resources related to the study of techniques, psychology and practice used in military conflict and warfare. The field concerns itself with the training of officers and soldiers.

  • Music

    The field of music includes composition, performance, and scholarship. The latter focuses primarily on music history, theory, and education. Music of all genres and disciplines are covered, including, but not limited to jazz, popular, opera, symphonic, orchestral, chamber, and experimental music.