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  • History

    "history, n....The branch of knowledge that deals with past events; the formal record or study of past events, esp. human affairs. Also: this as a subject of study." Oxford English Dictionary History of the (History) Collections Collections supporting the study of history at Indiana University have been built continuously since the founding of the university in 1820. Much of the collection originally acquired to support other academic programs is now of interest to historians. Thanks to consistent support for library collections and a preference for preservation rather than weeding collections, the Indiana University Libraries have acquired a rich and broad collection of primary resource material for the study of all areas of history.
  • History and Philosophy of Science

    The IU Bloomington Libraries support the study of the history and philosophy of science with a large, diverse and historically rich collection. In addition to the electronic resources included in this guide, you can find related materials in the Wells Library, the University Archives, the Lilly Library, and the Science Libraries.