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  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

    Pertains to the interdisciplinary research and scientific study of the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Specializations of this subject include Biogeochemistry, Geobiology, Sedimentology and stratigraphy, Geophysics, Structural Geology and Tectonics, Hydrogeology, Economic Geology and Mineral and Clay Geology. Studies encompass field-based, analytical, and theoretical research.
  • East Asian Studies

    The East Asian Collection was established more than half a century ago. It supports the university's teaching, learning, and research needs in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean studies and promotes the understanding of East Asia and its cultures.
  • Economics

    The study of economies and markets. Topics include advanced economic theory, development and economics of transition, econometrics, economic history, games and experimental methods, growth theory, international trade, macroeconomics, monetary economics and public economics.

  • Education

    Supports programs in Counseling & Educational Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Instructional Systems Technology, and Language Education. Available in the Education Library, the collection is strong in the following areas: history of education, teaching, elementary and secondary education, school finance, school administration and organization, education of women, education of the gifted and handicapped, and American educational institutions.

  • English and American Language and Literature

    The resources provided in this guide are organized, in part, according to the major concentrations within English Studies. It includes bibliographic databases, reference resources and digital collections that constitute a valuable knowledge base for research projects.

  • Ethnomusicology

    Ethnomusicology is the interdisciplinary study of all types of music from all cultures.

  • European Studies

    Pertains to the history and the social and policy sciences that investigate contemporary political, institutional, sociological, and cultural developments in Europe and the European Union.