Research Guides A-Z

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  • African Studies

    The Indiana University African Studies Collection covers Africa south of the Sahara at a research level, and north Africa at a general level.
  • American Studies

    The study of American cultures from an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • Animal Behavior

    Pertains to the multidisciplinary field including neuroscience, learning, development, ecology, and biological evolution and diversity as a means of studying and understanding the behavior of animals.

  • Anthropology

    Resources related to the study of cultures, art and people in modern and ancient times, as well as the evolutionary aspects of these topics. Includes: Archeology, Bioanthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, and Social/Cultural Anthropology.

  • Archaeology

    Archaeology is the study of people in the past, and the present, using material remains the things humans "leave behind" as evidence.

  • Art & Art History

    Resources related to the study and creation of fine art and architecture. Addresses art history and critiques from all cultures and regions of the world as well as theory, methodology and technique for artists. Specialties include painting, sculpture, ceramics, architectural design, photography and more.

  • Astronomy

    Pertains to the science of celestial objects and their phenomena.