General and Multidisciplinary Guides

African American Resources
Primary Sources and Government Documents in the Study of African American History and Culture. Lists a sampling of resources relating to African American history and culture with links to various government agencies;and electronic documents.
Climate Data at the IUB Libraries
Basic list of resources on climate with emphasis on statistical information.
Microforms Guides
Finding aids to a selection of our Microfilm Collections.
Statistical Resources
Guides to finding statistics on a wide range of topics.
Genealogical Resources at IUB
Basic guide to finding information on genealogy and ancestry.

United States Government Guides

Guide to the United States Congress
Find information from and about the U.S. Congress.
Freedom of Information Act
The webpage to accompany our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Podcast, providing links to relevant legislation, selected FOIA electronic reading rooms, and other FOIA resources.
Paperless Archives Collection
CD collection of federal documents on subjects on everything from 9/11 to the Zodiac killer.
Presidents of the United States
Public Health Reports Supplement
Finding aid of the U.S. Public Health Reports Supplement, with year and title of each supplement listed.
Tax Information and Forms
Federal and Indiana state tax forms. Updated annually.
WPA (Works Projects Administration) Related Resources Available at IUB Wells Library
World War I: Guide to resources on the First World War
Introductory pathfinder to resources available at IUB Libraries.
World War II Newsmaps
List of newsmaps issued by the War Department during WWII, from battlefronts to uniforms.

Indiana Guides

Bloomington City Directories
A guide to IUB's collection of city, telephone, and other Bloomington directories.
Apportionment/Reapportionment in Indiana: Maps and Information.
Bibliographic guide to resources -- both web and print with pdf copies of apportionment maps.
Indiana Colonization Society Guide
Guide to IUB Wells Library resources on 19th-century attempts to promote emigration of African Americans to Liberia.
Finding Historic Indiana Documents
Flood Insurance Rate Maps at IUB
Basic information about flood maps and guide to maps available on CD-ROM.
Hiking Trails in the Bloomington Area
Trails within an hour's drive on Bloomington.
National Youth Administration (NYA)
Bibliography of the books available in the Indiana University system about Indiana's involvement in the National Youth Administration.
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) Documents
Information about documents related to the PCB cleanup in Bloomington.
Tax Information and Forms
Federal and Indiana state tax forms. Updated annually.

Foreign Government Guides

British Foreign Office/Colonial Office Microfilm Collection
List of ET2 holdings together with guide to searching National Archives website for more detailed information.
British Parliamentary Papers
Descriptive guide to IUB holdings of Great Britain's Parliamentary Papers, 1688-1995. For current information, see Contemporary British Official Publications.
Contemporary British Official Publications
For historical information [1688-1995], see ET2's Guide to British Parliamentary Papers
Brexit: A Libguide
Keep up with all the news regarding the Brexit, both open source and those available through the IU Libraries.
German Parliamentary Papers Guide
Descriptive pathfinder about IUB holdings of German Parliamentary Papers.
Journal Officiel France Guide
Descriptive pathfinder about IUB holdings of the French Journal Officiel.

International Government Guides

Citing International Organization Publications
Basic guide to citing publications of international governmental organizations

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