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At IU Libraries a community of faculty librarians, professional staff, and student employees have been collecting the greatest ideas for 200 years.  We are ready to inspire yours. 

As we partner with nearly every academic department on the Bloomington campus and collaborate with national and international organizations, IU Libraries' people are often recognized for our leadership within these communities.  

We celebrate these spotlighted faculty and staff. Thank you for the excellence you bring to Indiana University.

Leadership recognition in 2020

Congratulations to Liana H. Zhou, director of the Kinsey Institute Library, who has received a Bicentennial Medal in recognition of her work with the Office of the Bicentennial. Zhou was honored with the medal for “her dedication to the protection of the archives and artifacts under her care, preserving a record of current and past human sexuality for future generations to study and understand.” Highly respected in her field, Zhou has steered the notable and world renown collection through technical challenges and a disastrous flood; she has been at the helm for over 20 years, bringing the Kinsey Library and Special Collections into the 21st century.  
Liana Zhou
Willa Liburd Tavernier
Congratulations to Open Scholarship Resident Librarian Willa Tavernier for her outstanding service to the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC). She was awarded a LPC 2020 Exemplary Service Award for her unwavering commitment and organizational excellence in the LPC Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Willa’s nominators praised her for “helping us face uncomfortable truths while also guiding us to think and talk about concrete actions we can take to begin to fix these problems.” Honored upon receiving the recognition, Willa affirmed, “I advocate for the Library Publishing Coalition to make anti-racism, equity, and inclusion foundational principles of its work, and to spearhead transformational change in library publishing.  I believe that the many unique and talented people in our community can make that happen.”
Congratulations to Pam Rude, Senior Artist and Book Designer for the IU Press, who has received a Bicentennial Medal in recognition of her work with the Office of the Bicentennial. President McRobbie gave the deserved medal to Pam for her outstanding designs of many Well House Books, which focus on the people, places, and events that have spurred 200 years of IU accomplishments. In addition, McRobbie noted Pam's many years of service, creating beautiful books in general.


Pam Rude
Christina Jones
Each year, Storytelling Arts of Indiana rewards two recipients with the Frank Basile Emerging Stories Fellowship. Christina Jones, head of the Education Library, was awarded this year’s prize which fosters emerging talent in the art of storytelling. The resources made available to Christina gave her the support to craft “The Sunny Side of Virginia Street: Kitchen-Table Stories & Musical Memories,” which she performed with her mother on Storytelling Arts of Indiana’s Facebook Live page. Congratulations Christina for having your talent recognized!

Congratulations to Dina Kellams, Director of the University Archives, who has received a Bicentennial Medal in recognition of her work with the Office of the Bicentennial. It is difficult to separate the University Archives from the Bicentennial. Under Dina’s leadership, the Archives provided endless hours of research, photos, and documents for presentations, print materials, and projects for the University’s 200th anniversary. Dina contributed to several Bicentennial books and was a contributing writer to 200: The Bicentennial Magazine. She also spoke on panels and in seminars. As Kristin Leaman, Bicentennial Archivist, wrote “... it is no understatement to say the research, projects, and publications would not have been possible without the expertise of Dina Kellams.”

Dina Kellams


Congratulations to Heather Sloan, Media and Map Services Assistant, winner of the 2020 Outstanding Percussive Arts Society Service Award. The Outstanding PAS Service Award was established to recognize an individual each year that has provided service to the organization through a significant project, cause, or cumulative service that has made a significant contribution to the Society as a whole. Heather was recognized with this award for her role as the initial Chair of the PAS Diversity Alliance and her continued service to PAS.  Heather received her DMA in Percussion Performance at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. She is a Fulbright scholar with a specialization in Caribbean music, especially Afro-Caribbean folkloric expressions of the Dominican Republic. She presents regularly in the US and elsewhere; recent work includes a Spanish-language research presentation on the changing symbolic roles of women in Dominican bachata music at the Seventh Congress of Caribbean Music, Identity & Culture in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Heather is currently finishing a Master’s degree in Information and Library Sciences with a Specialization in Digital Humanities. She uses digital mapping and storytelling to explore intersections between socio-political, cultural, and ecological concerns in Afro-Caribbean music traditions.

Congratulations to Michelle Dalmau, Head of Digital Collections who has received a Bicentennial Medal in recognition of her work with the Indiana University Office of the Bicentennial. Michelle, working with colleagues in Library Technologies and across the IU Libraries statewide, has been crucial to the success of multiple initiatives under the auspices of IU’s Bicentennial Archives Development and Deployment project. Among other accomplishments, Michelle developed and championed a plan to revamp IU’s digital infrastructure for support of archival collections description and access through the Next Generation Archives Online project, the first outputs of which are now available at archives.iu.edu.  She has also led the design and management of the Bicentennial Student Newspapers project, which is currently working to digitize student newspapers from IUPUI and IU’s regional campuses to be preserved and made available online later this year.

Congratulations to Jon Cameron Digital Media Services Manager, who has received a Bicentennial Medal in recognition of his work with the Indiana University Office of the Bicentennial. Jon, working  with colleagues in Library Technologies and across the IU Libraries statewide, has been crucial to the success of multiple initiatives under the auspices of IU’s Bicentennial Archives Development and Deployment project. Jon has been instrumental in establishing workflows for processing, transcribing and publishing oral history interviews from the IU Bicentennial Oral History project and in making over 1300 oral histories available for listening and full-text search through use of Avalon and Aviary software at oralhistory.iu.edu. He has also been a key player in making audio, video, and film content from IU’s Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative in his role as service manager for Media Collections Online.  
Congratulations to Kristin Leaman, Bicentennial Archivist in the University Archives, who has received a Bicentennial Medal in recognition of her work with the Office of the Bicentennial. She has assisted staff throughout Indiana University in their work to mark the Bicentennial, has led the expansion of the Bicentennial Oral History Project, and has been key in helping the campus archives across the IU system acquire the necessary tools to document and share their institutional histories. 
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Gary Arave, Research and Instruction Librarian for Business/SPEA, and the BUS-X170: How Business Works team were honored with the Kelley School’s 2020 Innovative Award. This award recognizes excellence in teaching philosophy and faculty teaching techniques. X170 is a new, hybrid basic course for first-year Direct Admit Kelley students and was first offered in summer 2019. Gary, with six faculty members from various functional areas of business, developed new course content, produced instructional videos and handouts, and co-taught the course.  
Rivkah Cooke, Head of Electronic Resources Acquisitions received the NASIG Diversity and Inclusion Award. This award furthers the NASIG mission to increase diversity and inclusion among the organizational membership, and includes travel to the NASIG Annual Conference and membership in the NASIG organization.  
Rivkah Cooke
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Kumiko Reichert, East Asian Cataloging Librarian, was selected to participate in the highly competitive 2020 Library of Congress – Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) Cataloging Internship Program. This nine-week program, which includes four weeks of onsite training at the Library of Congress, provides intensive metadata instruction and practice for metadata professionals working with East Asian language materials. Kumiko will use this opportunity to sharpen her skills with Japanese language materials and pursue an immersive learning opportunity in Korean language materials cataloging.

Stephanie Brown is the 2019-2020 IU Libraries Robert A. Oppliger Scholarship Award Winner. Respected for her professionalism, calm demeanor, and knowledge of resources at the Scholars’ Commons reference desk, Stephanie, a former teacher, is a second-year master’s student in Library Science. Besides working the reference desk, Stephanie has interned with University  Archives and worked at the Lilly Library.


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Each year the Libraries honors four Student Employee Recognition Awards. The purpose of the award is to recognize exceptional employees who work for the good of the Libraries and display a combination of competence, a positive attitude, and helpfulness that is notable among their peers.    

  • Julia McClung was nominated by Julie Marie Frye for her role as a Circulation/Shelving Assistant in the Education Library where she has worked since August 2019. 
  • Chloe Hovind was nominated by Anna Marie Johnson for her job as a Public Services Assistant in the Scholars’ Commons since August 2018, as well as Julie Marie Frye for her jobs as an Outreach Assistant (November 2019) and a Circulation/Shelving Assistant (January 2020) for the Education Library.  
  • Alexis Murrell has held two jobs with the Libraries since September 2019.  She was nominated by Sarah Hare for her role as a Digital Publishing Assistant in Scholarly Communication. 
  • Anya Zach was nominated by Edwin Cheek for her job as a Public Services Assistant in the Scholars’ Commons where she has worked since August 2018.  

Leadership recognition in 2019

Sarah Carter, Art, Architecture and Design Librarian, was recognized by the American Libraries Association's Library Instruction Round Table Top Twenty. This national committee of librarians reviews scholarship related to library instruction and highlights the most significant articles published each year.  Carter and her co-authors received a citation for: Crossing the studio art threshold: Information literacyand creative populations. Communications in Information Literacy, 12(1), 36–55. 

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DeLoice Holliday, head of Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Library, and collection manager for African American and African Diaspora Studies (AAADS), is the winner of the 2019 Janice Wiggins Staff Mentor Award, recognizing a faculty member at IU providing superb mentoring and support to undergraduates involved with AAADS.

The National Library of Korea accepted Wen-ling Liu to participate in the 2019 Overseas Korean Studies Librarian Workshop and present information about Korean studies here at IU. Wen-ling Liu has served as Librarian for East Asian Studies since 2001 and as Librarian for East Asian and Tibetan Studies since 2012. She works closely with students and faculty members in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Tibetan Studies in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies, and the East Asian Studies Center.
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Michael Courtney, outreach and engagement librarian, won the Division of Student Affairs Gordon Faculty Award, honoring a faculty member at IU who contributed to the division’s goals. One of 10 awards that recognize contributions of students, faculty, staff, and community partners to the Division of Student Affairs, division staff members nominate candidates for committee selection. As an active participant in the instructional initiatives of the Teaching & Learning department, Mike provides leadership and direction for librarians and graduate instruction assistants in the effective design and teaching of information literacy education.

The 2019 Judith McCulloh Award for Lifetime Service to the Field was presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society to Moira Marsh, Indiana University Libraries collection manager and liaison librarian for Anthropology, Folklore, and Sociology. She is also manager of the Modern Language Association Folklore Bibliography Project. The AFS Executive Board bestows the McCulloh Award to recognize extraordinary contributions in service, over the course of a career, that advance the visibility and success of the American Folklore Society or the field of folklore studies.
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Willa Tavernier
Selected for a highly competitive Society for Scholarly Publishing fellowship, Willa Liburd Tavernier, visiting assistant librarian, gets the chance to develop her early career skills for an entire year within the scholarly publishing community.   As Open Scholarship Resident, Willa works with staff of the Scholarly Communication Department and the IU Press to advocate for and assess the impact of policies and practices that make research, educational materials, and data, openly accessible. Willa’s current research interests are investigating the underlying theoretical basis for open scholarship, and critical information literacy. 
The IU Bloomington Professional Council awarded Doug Sanders, paper conservator for IU Libraries, a professional development grant after giving a talk covering the history, manufacturing, and use of gilt leather in Japan at the International Netsuke Society Conference in Paris, France.
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At the 2019 American Library Association Conference, Abigail Godwin, Graphic Designer, accepted a PRXchange Award for her collaborative work with the Lilly Library's Rebecca Baumann to design exhibition materials for: "Frankenstein 200: The Birth, Life, and Resurrection of Mary Shelley’s Monster.”  A panel of 12 in-person and 38 virtual judges reviewed 440 entries from across the US for this annual design competition. This is the second year that IU Libraries has been recognized at the PR Xchange Awards. 

After receiving a Council on Library and Information Resources grant, Theresa Quill, map and spatial data librarian, worked  to digitize and publicize IU Libraries’ Russian maps collection. In May 2019,  the Indiana Geographic Information Council recognized IU Libraries with an Excellence in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) award for their outstanding achievement in incorporating GIS technology into the grant project.

Team members for Eastern Bloc Borderlands: Digitizing Russian Military Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe, 1883-1947, included:


Conner Capik, GIS Specialist
Michelle Dalmau, PI
Alexis Fain, Digitization Specialist
Ardasher Khashimov, Metadata Specialist
Matthew Leetz, GIS Specialist
Theresa Quill, Co-PI
Veronika Trotter, Metadata Specialist
Sarah Ward, Image and Metadata Quality Control Specialist

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Leadership recognition in 2018

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As the co-founder of De Pueblo A Pueblo, Luis González, librarian for Latin American, Iberian, Latino, and Chicano-Riqueño studies, received the 2018 Latino Faculty and Staff Council Distinguished Group/Program Award on behalf of the disaster relief non-profit organization based in Bloomington.

In 2018, the Central Eurasian Studies department at IU and the American University of Central Asia awarded Akram Habibulla, a grant for his fieldwork in Kyrgyzstan. As the Librarian for Middle Eastern, Islamic and Central Eurasian Studies, Akram Khabibullaev works with students and faculty in those departments as the collection manager and library liaison. He supports the research and curriculum needs of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC), Department of Central Eurasian Studies, and related academic units in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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Initial page information researched and authored by Lauren Oxender, IU Libraries Content Intern and student at Indiana University's Media School, December 2019.