The IU Libraries are a destination for students, faculty, and researchers from every part of campus and beyond. A broad spectrum of activity within the IU Libraries reflects the diversity within the academic community. The Libraries’ goal is to limit disruptions to the everyday work of students and faculty who rely on the environments the library provides, while also accommodating the diverse needs of the campus community. All library users must adhere to the following:

  • Be respectful of other library users.
  • Sleeping, offensive bodily hygiene, or behavior that results in complaints or threatens to damage library property, disruptive behavior, food/beverage distribution, soliciting, roughhousing, pets, rollerblades/skates, bicycles/scooters, etc. are not permitted in the library.
  • Any person who is disrupting or whose behavior threatens to disrupt the work of others will be asked to cease the disruptive activity or may be asked to leave.
  • Only post signs, posters, fliers, in designated areas.
  • Disruptive or unlawful behavior will be reported to IUPD.

It is recommended that all library users adhere to the following:

  • Set cell phone ringers to vibrate.
  • Speak in normal conversational tones.
  • Do not leave personal electronics, text books, or any personal belongings unattended.

Related University Policies

All Indiana University policies on appropriate use of computers and on appropriate conduct apply in the Information Commons: