Fall 2016 Auditions

General Information for All Instruments

Fall 2016 Trumpet Auditions
Trumpet Excerpt List and Instructions
Trumpet Excerpts

Fall 2016 Trombone Auditions
Trombone Audition Instructions
Trombone Excerpt List
Trombone Excerpts

Bass Trombone Excerpt List
Bass Trombone Excerpts

Fall 2016 Percussion Auditions
Percussion and Timpani Audition Instructions
Percussion Excerpt List
Percussion Excerpts
Timpani Excerpt List
Timpani Excerpts

Fall 2016 String Auditions

Please read all the information for your instrument.

String players: Have you received an orchestral audition date and time?
If not, please email Mr. Wieligman at twieligm at indiana dot edu. He will take care of this Monday and Tuesday (8/15, 8/16).

Fall 2016 Violin Auditions
Violin Audition Instructions
Violin Excerpt List
Violin Excerpts

Fall 2016 Viola Auditions
Viola Audition Instructions
Viola Excerpt List
Viola Excerpts

Fall 2016 Cello Auditions
Cello Audition Instructions
Cello Excerpt List
Cello Excerpts

Fall 2016 Bass Auditions
Bass Audition Instructions
Bass Excerpt List
Bass Excerpts


Fall 2016 New Music Ensemble Auditions

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