Over Here and Over There: Places of World War I: Learn more

"Over Here and Over There: Places of World War I" is an exhibition on display in the Wells Library Scholars' Commons beginning December 2014. Below are links to extend your knowledge of the items on display:

World War I Sheet Music from the Lilly Library (IN Harmony: Sheet Music from Indiana)
Ruhleben: A Digital Exhibit (Harvard Law School Library, Historical and Special Collections)
The Great War in Pictures (HathiTrust)
Mademoiselle Miss (HathiTrust)
Mademoiselle Miss Continued (blog about the nurse called "Mademoiselle Miss")
My Home in the Field of Honour (HathiTrust)
With a Field Ambulance at Ypres (HathiTrust)
Der Krieg (HathiTrust)
The Fatherland (Villanova Digital Library)
New digital collections of primary source material on World War I
The First World War: Personal Experiences: http://libraries.indiana.edu/resources/wwi-personal-experiences
IUB Libraries Guide: World War I Resources