Online Philosophy Resources

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In addition to the resources the library owns and subscribes to, many additional resources can be found online.  Here are a few that we like:

Blogs and websites 

Daily Nous --  maintained by Justin Weinberg, associate professor of philosophy at the University of South Carolina, this website provides general information and news about the profession of philosophy.  Weinberg provides links to other websites that he thinks are interesting as well.

Early Modern Experimental Philosophy -- this blog, which is a project of the University of Otago, explores the hypothesis that the most important distinction in early modern philosophy is between Experimental and Speculative Philosophy.  it contains many posts about early modern philosophers.  

Feminist Philosophers -- the goal of this blog is to help feminist philosophers stay up to date with facts and examples concering philosophy.  They also try to include articles accessible for non philosophers as well.

Leiter Reports: a Philosophy Blog --  this blog contains news and views about philosophy, the academic profession, academic freedom, intellectual culture. It is curated by Brian Leiter, a professor of law at the University of Chicago.

Public Reason --  a blog for political philosophers and theorists.  they aim to have an open forum for the academic political philospohy community.  posting members on this forum are either employed as academic political philosophers or theorists that are conducing research and most of them have a Ph.D.   Those who have interest in political philosophy can joing ans participants and can post comments.

Race Files -- a blog aimed to explore how race and racism affect American society with a foucus on Asian Americans.

Ted Talks: Philosophy -- a link Ted talks that have been classified under philosophy as a topic

Whi-Phi -- aims to introduce people to the practice of philosophy through free videos that are entertaining, interesting, and accessible to those without a background in philosophy.  The intent of these videos is to help people engage in philosophical practices rather than just learn what philosophers have taught.


History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps-- this podcast is by Peter Adamson, a professor of philosopy at Ludwig-Maximilian university of Munich and at King's College in London.  He aims to examine the historical context of major and lesser known philosophers from antiqiity more recent times without any gaps.  

Invisibilia -- a podcast by NPR that talks about invisible foreces in life that affct behavior.

Mindset Zone -- in this podcast listeners are challenged to strech their minds, explore the realm of possibilites in their behavior and consider who they are as individuals.  This podcast is hosted by Ana Mellkian who has a PhD in psychology.

The Partially Examined Life -- this podcast discusses philosophy, philosophers and philosophical texts in an informal roundtable discussion that is based of a short reading.  

Philosopy Bites-- a short podcast of about 20 minutes or less that features interviews of philosophers on a topic.  

Rationaly Speaking --the poscast of the New York City Skepticks, a nonprofit that promotes critical thinking and science education, this bi-weekly podcast covers a wider range of topics that can have reason applied to it.  

The Reith Lectures -- annual radio lectures dating back to 1948 on various issues by experts in relevant fields. 

Society for Applied Philosophy Podcasts --  founded in 1982, the Soicety for Applied Philosophy aims to promote philosophical study and research.  




Contributor: Jacob Mauldwin