A user of this webpage may wonder at first glance: "A resource of Slavic and East European studies periodicals without such famous titles as Novyi mir  or Kwartalnik historyczny in it?" That is because it is only to list those titles, the online versions of which are not accessible through IUCAT. In other words, anything that is accessible through IUCAT will not be listed in the following. While digitization is seemingly in full swing throughout the Slavic and East European countries, accessibility to digitized periodical content is still random, sometimes unstable, at the most. Nevertheless, it is increasingly certain that there is a massive impressive amount of digitized periodical content made available by the institutions of the titular countries, which will no doubt make a valuable asset for research and teaching. In the following we endeavored to select the more significant titles with a brief identification and an url accompanied by an image of that periodical when available. Please contact Wookjin Cheun (wcheun@indiana.edu) if you have any questions or suggestions.

Polish Periodicals

Biblioteka Warszawska   Biblioteka Warszawska (1841-1914) - A monthly periodical on literature and science, published in Warsaw.
Czas   Czas (1848-1939) - Daily (except Monday) newspaper published in Krakow.
Przeglad Biblioteczny   Przeglad Biblioteczny (1908-present) - Poland's oldest journal on librarianship. Published quarterly in Warsaw.
Tygodnik Illustrowany   Tygodnik Illustrowany (1859-1939) - Weekly magazine on literature, art, and social issues. Published in Warsaw.

Russian Periodicals

Dostoevskii     Dostoevskii. Materialy i issledovaniia (1974-present) - Periodical about the life and work of Fedor Dostoevskii. Published in St. Petersburg about every two years.


Etnograficheskii sbornik IRGO   Etnograficheskii sbornik IRGO (1853-1864) - Ethnography publication from the Imperial Russian Geographical Society. Published in St. Petersburg, only 6 issues were released during this periodical's existence.


Ezhegodnik Imperatorskogo Russkogo geograficheskogo obshchestva   Ezhegodnik Imperatorskogo Russkogo geograficheskogo obshchestva (1890-1899) - Yearly Russian geography periodical published in St. Petersburg.


Geograficheskie izvestiia   Geograficheskie izvestiia (1848-1850) - Russian geography periodical published in St. Petersburg with varying numbers of issues per year.


Izvestiia AN     Izvestiia AN (1852-present) - Almost yearly publication of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1852. Published in Moscow, this periodical has had various names throughout its existence.


Izvestiia russkogo geograficheskogo obshchestva   Izvestiia russkogo geograficheskogo obshchestva (1865-present) - Proceedings of the Russian geographical society. Published in St. Petersburg and Moscow with varying numbers of issues per year. This periodical has had several different names throughout its existence.
Kievskaia starina  Kievskaia starina (1882-1907) - Monthly historical journal published in Kiev. Published in 1907 in Ukrainian under the title "Ukraina."

Literaturnaia Rossiia   Literaturnaia Rossiia (1958-) - Weekly literary newspaper of Russian writers.


Niva   Niva: illiustrirovannyi zhurnal dlia semeinogo chteniia (1870-1918) - Weekly journal published in St. Petersburg. This journal covered literature, politics, and everyday life.


Olonetskie gubernskie vedomosti   Olonetskie gubernskie vedomosti (1838-1917) - Newspaper from the Olonets Governate. Initially published weekly, then later more than once a week. 


Peterburgskii teatralnyi zhurnal   Peterburgskii teatralnyi zhurnal (1992-present) - St. Petersburg theater magazine, published quarterly.


Put   Put': organ russkoi religioznoi mysli (1925-1940) - Semi-monthly journal of philosophical and religious forces of Russian emigration. Published in Paris.


Rossiiskii arkhiv   Rossiiskii arkhiv (1994-present) - Historical almanac published twice a year in Moscow.


Russkii iazyk     Russkii iazyk v nauchnom osveshchenii (2001-present) - Journal on the history and theory of the Russian language. Published twice a year in Moscow.


Russkaia istoricheskaia biblioteka   Russkaia istoricheskaia biblioteka, izdavaemaia arkheograficheskoi komissiei (1872-1927) - Collection of publications by the Archaeological commission in Russia, focusing mainly on the 14th-17th centuries. Published 39 times between 1872-1927 in St. Petersburg.


Russkaia literatura     Russkaia literatura (1958-present) - Quarterly journal of Russian literature, published in St. Petersburg.


Russkaia starina   Russkaia starina (1870-1918) - Monthy historical periodical published in St. Petersburg.


Russkii arkhiv   Russkii arkhiv: istoriko-literaturnyi sbornik (1863-1917) - Monthly historical periodical published in Moscow.


Slavianovedenie     Slavianovedenie (1965-present) - Published by the Institute of Slavic Studies in Moscow 6 times a year.


Soiuznoe veche  Soiuznoe veche - Published weekly by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia (Parlamentskoe Sobranie Soiuza Belarusi i Rossii)


Trudy     Trudy otdela drevnerusskoi literatury (1932-present) - Periodical of old Russian literature. Published in St. Petersburg with about one issue per year.


Vestnik Imperatorskogo russkogo geograficheskogo obshchestva  Vestnik Imperatorskogo russkogo geograficheskogo obshchestva (1851-1860) - Russian geography periodical with varying numbers of issues per year (published in St. Petersburg).


Vologodskaia gubernskaia vedomosti   Vologodskie gubernskie vedomosti (1838-1917) - The first newspaper in Vologda. Published weekly.


Voprosy iazykoznaniia     Voprosy iazykoznaniia (1952-present) - Linguistics magazine published in Moscow, 6 issues per year.


Zapiski IRGO   Zapiski IRGO (1846-1864) - Quarterly publication from the Imperial Russian Geographical Society published in St. Petersburg.


Zapiski IRGO po obshchei geografii   Zapiski IRGO po obshchei geografii (1867-1916) - Periodical from the Imperial Russian Geographical Society for common geography. This was published in St. Petersburg and has a varying number of issues per year.


Zapiski IRGO po otdeleniiu etnografii   Zapiski IRGO po otdeleniiu etnografii (1867-1917) - Periodical from the Imperial Russian Geographical Society's department of ethnography. Published in St. Petersburg, this periodical has one or two issues per year.


Zapiski IRGO po otdeleniiu statistiki   Zapiski IRGO po otdeleniiu statistiki (1866-1915) - Periodical from the Imperial Russian Geographical Society's department of statistics. Published in St. Petersburg withy varying numbers of issues per year.


Zhivaia Starina   Zhivaia Starina (1891-1916) - Quarterly Russian magazine published by the Imperial Russian Geographical Society in St. Petersburg. This periodical focused on folklore and ethnography in the Russian empire.


Zhurnal Ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniia   Zhurnal Ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniia (1834-1917) - Journal of the Ministry of Public Education (varying frequency).


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