One Hundred Volumes of Kazakh Folklore

Posted by Moira Marsh, Librarian for Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Folklore, Sociology, and Telecommunications
Babalar sozy

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Babalar sozy ("Words by Ancestors"), a one-hundred volume set of Kazakh oral literature and folk poetry:

Tasmaghambetov, I. N. : Zhu̇z Tomdyq. : Foliant, 2004.

The set includes tales, omens, proverbs and maxims, heroic, historical, and religious epics, and much more. It surveys the folk heritage of the Kazakh people from China, Mongolia, and other countries, as well as (of course) Kazakhstan. 100 volumes take up a lot of shelf space, so we have elected to shelve this set in the Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF). In IUCAT, request delivery from ALF to check out a volume (or all 100 volumes). With this purchase, the IUB Libraries are one of just four libraries worldwide to own this set (the others being Harvard, Princeton, and Wisconsin).

--Moira Marsh, Librarian for Folklore

--Akram Khabibullaev, Librarian for Middle Eastern, Islamic & Central Eurasian Studies