New Titles in Philosophy (February 6, 2018)

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cover of BrandomBrandom  

Ronald Loeffler has created an accessible, critical, and well-planned guide to the philosophy of Robert Brandom, one of the most renowned contemporary American philosophers.  Brandom’s ideas focus on language and rationality.  He combines the philosophies of language, mind, epistemology, metaphysics, and logic and has original interpretations on many historical figures such as Kant, Hegel, and Wittgenstein.

Call number:  B945.B7434 L64 2018

For further research see "Brandom Robert" in IUCAT.


cover of German Idealism Today

German Idealism Today 

Includes essays that explore theoretical and practical philosophy of German Idealism.  Several themes of Kant and Hegel are explored.  


Call number: B3398.I34 G47 2017

For further research see "Idealism German" in IUCAT.


cover of Subhuman

Subhuman: The Moral Psychology of Human Attitudes to Animals 

This book explores questions such as,” How do we decide what animals deserve and how we ought to treat them?” and “To what extent are our attitudes towards animals embedded in our subconscious and immune to reason?” Subhuman takes an interdisciplinary approach to these questions, drawing from research in philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, law, history, sociology, economics, and anthropology, to unearth surprising revelations about human relationships with animals. The author’s aim is to show that our attitudes towards animals is influenced by how threatened our sense of being a superior to the animal. 

Call number: B105.A55 K37 2018

For further research see "Animals Philosophy""Animal welfare--Philosophy", or "Animal welfare--Moral and ethical aspects" in IUCAT.


Cover of What Makes Philosophy Great

What Makes a Philosopher Great?: Thirteen Arguments for Twelve Philosophers

This book offers essays by 13 different scholars on what makes philosophers such as Plato, Buddhaghosa, and Hume.  Because this book only looks into 13 philosophers, not every great philosopher is listed.  Instead, the aim of this book is to explore what great philosophy is and might be, from illuminated examples of the past.

Call number: B72 .W49 2018

For further research see "Philosophers" in IUCAT. 






Contributor: Jacob Mauldwin