New Online Resource for South Asian Studies: Foreign Office Files

Posted by Karen Stoll Farrell, Head of Area Studies
Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan 1947-1980

I'm very pleased to announce that our collection has recently added access to the Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. These are British Government files in relation to South Asia from 1947 to 1980, beginning just before Independence and Partition.This primary source material will be of great interest to anyone studying the region's modern history. It includes many different kinds of materials, from official reports to newspaper cuttings, from photographs to statistics.

You can read more about the Foreign Office Files here.

Or you can access the Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan through IUCAT, from on or off campus with an official login. 


I hope you all enjoy this exciting new resource! Please feel free to direct any questions or thoughts directly to me:

Karen S Farrell, Librarian for South Asian and Southeast Asian Studies:




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