New Indiana Housing Dashboard Launched

Logo for the Indiana Housing Dashboard. Logo reads: "Indiana Housing Dashboard". The logo is a white outline of the state of Indiana. Inside the state outline are three circular icons. The top red-orange icon contains two figures representing people, the middle orange icon contains a house, and the bottom yellow icon contains a gear.

Last year, an Indiana Housing Dashboard was developed by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) in partnership with a Housing Working Group consisting of a broad range of housing stakeholders from across the state. This dashboard serves as a tool for identifying the greatest housing challenges and opportunities for communities throughout Indiana. Now, the dashboard has officially launched and can be accessed for free by going to

The interactive dashboard "allows users to see data snapshots for each county in the state, to compare data points across different counties, and to export a Housing Needs Assessment with detailed housing and demographic analysis for each county." The dashboard is broken down into four main factors that influence the housing market: population, housing, housing affordability, and jobs. Datasets are linked to directly to their sources to keep all information current.


The Indiana Housing Dashboard is meant to guide discussions and decisions for multiple groups who influence their housing market.  These groups may include: IHCDA, state, local, and appointed officials, city, county, and non-profit leaders, builders and developers, and others who are passionate about their community’s quality of place and quality of life.

Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority