Nature of Labor on a Changing Campus: An Exhibit for Themester 2015

September 10th 2015
The Nature of Labor on a Changing Campus

Themester 2015 is well underway across campus and right here in the Scholars’ Commons. The new exhibit, "The Nature of Labor on a Changing Campus," is now open and features a history of the Sample Gates, artifacts from the IU Archives and the Sage Historical Costume Collection, and a closer look at men and women at work on the IU campus.

Curated by undergraduate Claire Repsholdt and Professor Alex Lichtenstein, the exhibit is meant to “challenge students’ view of labor on campus as practice for the future. Real labor does not begin after class, after internships, or after graduation. It is bound into the spaces we use, the causes we support, the gender roles we play, the opportunities, and the expectations of a college education.”

Labor begins “right where you stand.” This idea runs through the exhibit, as examples of labor on campus at the Sample Gates, in offices, and even on the baseball field are highlighted in images from the IU Archives and in videos from the IUL Moving Image Archive. The exhibit will be on display in the Scholars’ Commons in the East Tower of Wells Library through December 18th.

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