This interdisciplinary text introduces the student to the diverse musical cultures that constitute America's musical landscape. Chapters cover twelve communities, from the West Indian steel drum bands of Brooklyn, to Mexican-American mariachi music. The Music of Multicultural America is a collection of fifteen essays on music in the United States that, together, present a sample of music making in a variety of American communities. One of our goals is to introduce the diversity of musical styles, genres, and repertoires that constitute the contemporary American soundscape; another is to highlight the role of music making in community life. Using the methods of historical research, oral history, and ethnographic fieldwork with musicians and their audiences, all of the contributors to this volume investigate how people make and experience music on a local level. The design and development of the accompanying online material was subsidized by a publication subvention grant from the College of William and Mary. Concerns about any of the online content associated with this publication should be directed to The Archives of Traditional Music which manages the ATMuse site.

The Music of Multicultural America is edited by Kip Lornell and Anne K. Rasmussen

Published by: University Press of Mississippi