In April 2019, the faculty and staff of the Music Library revised and updated the library’s Mission Statement and added a set of Guiding Principles.

William and Gayle Cook Music Library


The William and Gayle Cook Music Library supports musical performance, teaching, learning, and research on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University, primarily in the Jacobs School of Music, a world-renowned center of musical excellence. The library provides collections, services, and environments that lead to intellectual discovery, growth, and artistry.


  • Music library faculty and staff are committed to the library’s mission and the needs of our clientele
  • We are committed to maintaining one of the best and largest music research collections in North America
  • The library is a portal to our rich and varied collections and makes every effort to improve access to and discovery of the collections
  • Library programs support student learning, educational attainment, music performance, and research
  • The library cultivates physical and online environments that promote teaching, learning, scholarship, and artistic achievement
  • We understand the value of diversity and the importance of inclusion and demonstrate our commitment by embracing the differences, complexities, and opportunities inherent in a vibrant campus community
  • The library connects users to national and global resources that support scholarship and creativity
  • The library makes its collections known to others through teaching, publication, and descriptive cataloging of materials


  • Service to the Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, and the State of Indiana are our top priorities
  • We are guided by the strategic goals of the Indiana University Libraries, the Jacobs School of Music, and Indiana University
  • We provide user-focused services in the best possible manner
  • We look for opportunities to improve the Music library and its services through collaborative partnerships, within and outside of the library
  • We continually assess what we do and how we do it to ensure high quality, effectiveness, sustainability, and responsible use of resources
  • We are committed to creating an inviting and inclusive environment that enhances teaching, learning, and research, in turn promoting innovation and collaboration


CORE GOAL 1—An Excellent Education

CORE GOAL 2—Excellence in Research

CORE GOAL 3—International Dimension of Excellence

CORE GOAL 6—The Centrality of Information


Revised May 21, 2019