Music library carrels are intended for the use of music graduate students involved in intensive research and study of materials within the Cook music library’s collection. A carrel is intended for the patron who needs 1) a place to store music library books AND 2) a place to sit and study. Please do not sign up for a carrel if you are going to use it only occasionally.

About the Music Library Graduate Carrels

Who qualifies for a carrel?

Carrel assignments are given with the following order of priority:
1. Doctoral students in music education, musicology, and music theory, as well as JSOM faculty who do not have offices. Ethnomusicology may ask for this tier, but will require an individual consultation with library staff.

2. Masters students in music education, musicology, music theory, and music librarianship, as well as doctoral students writing a dissertation.

3. Doctoral students in performance, composition, or other areas of music study

4. All other JSOM graduate students and faculty

Within this structure, carrels are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Questions about and exceptions to this priority list can be directed to Misti Shaw, Head of Public Services and Outreach for the Cook Music Library. Library staff will confirm your status by contacting the JSOM graduate office. If you want to request a carrel for reasons related to accessibility or disability, please contact Misti Shaw directly. 

Residency requirements for carrels

Carrels may only be assigned to students who live in Bloomington (or nearby in counties including Monroe, Morgan, Marion, Owen, and Brown), and regularly visit their carrel. Students who relocate off campus for a semester or more should not retain their carrel even if there are many books checked out to the carrel. Carrels are intended for local, regularly recurring use.

Duration of carrel assignments

For patrons who fit in priority list numbers 1 and 2, carrels are assigned for a full semester, including fall, spring, and summer. Upon the semester’s end, a patron may renew their carrel for the next semester as long as the patron fulfills the criteria for having one. At the end of the spring semester, a patron may renew a carrel for summer without taking summer courses as long as they’re enrolled in fall courses.

For patrons who fit into priority list numbers 3 and 4, you may keep your carrel until the end of the semester, at which point you must check in Stacks Coordinator, Richard Marshall to see if you can keep your carrel for another semester.

Low-use carrels

After a period of several weeks, if library staff observe that a carrel is not being used, staff may ask the patron to surrender their carrel. 


Instructions for Maintaining Your Carrel Assignment

Checking Books Out to Your Carrel Account

  • Bring your books to the circulation desk.
  • Inform the circulation assistant of your carrel number and your name. 
  • Write your carrel number on the carrel slip, staple the carrel slip to the printed receipt, and insert them between the pages so they are visible at the top of the book.

Materials that CANNOT be Kept at a Carrel

  • ONLY Music Library books and scores may be kept at your carrel.
  • Reference books, journals, M2-M3s, microforms, audio-visual materials, and books from other libraries (e.g., from the Wells Library, ALF, ILL, etc.) may NOT be charged to your carrel.  Such items will be routinely removed from carrels.
  • Frontlog books and scores may NOT be charged to your carrel as of 1/8/2018.
  • All materials at your carrel must be charged to your carrel account and accompanied by a carrel slip. Materials that are not checked out or are charged to your personal account will be removed from carrels.

Carrel Space

  • Keep your carrel clear of personal items. The library cannot accept liability for theft or loss of personal items. Any such items left in a carrel will be removed and sent to Lost & Found.
  • Certain office supplies, such as additional lighting, may be kept at carrels with the express written permission of the carrel coordinator. The carrel holder assumes liability for any personal items left at a carrel.
  • Carrel spaces are shared by all library users.  Please keep your carrel neat and do not leave food or garbage behind.

Carrel Renewals

  • At the end of each semester, you will receive an email to renew your carrel.
  • Please respond promptly to this request so that you will be assured of a carrel assignment.
  • If you do not respond, all materials will be removed from the carrel, and the carrel will be open for assignment to someone else.

Removing Carrel Books

  • When you have finished using a book at your carrel, please bring it to the circulation desk to be checked in.
  • If you need to take a book home from your carrel, it must be discharged from your carrel and checked out to your personal account.

Books Needed from Your Carrel

  • Books needed for Reserves will be removed from your carrel. A note will be left informing you of this action.
  • Patrons are permitted to use books at your carrel in your absence. However, these books may not leave the library.
  • Books from your carrel may be recalled. You must return these items to the circulation desk.

We may revoke your carrel if you do not follow these guidelines.