The Art of the Tambūra in Qatar: African Identity Reimagined


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from Chapter 9 by Issa Boulos and Yassine Ayari, pg. 136-157
In Music in Arabia,

Edited by Isso Boulos, Virginia Danielson and Anne K. Rasmussen


Here are the two recordings discussed on pages 148-151 (with transcriptions on p. 154). Sultan Sa`d performed the first recording in 1988, captured by A.J. Racy. Muhammad Sa`d performed the second recording in 2015, captured by Yassine Ayyari.


Sultan Sa`d, 1988:


Muhammad Sa`d, 2015:


The following images show some of the instruments and tools used in Nūbat al-Ṭambūra:


A wide white cloth belt to which hollow animal hooves are attached is shown against a black background.
al-Manjur. Courtesy of Guillaume Dimanche


A black and white photo shows a curved drumstick suspended against a dark background.
A drumstick. Courtesy of Guillaume Dimanche.


Close-up view of a piece of brown cow horn which is used to pluck instrument strings.
Miswaqah. Courtesy of Guillaume Dimanche.


A cylindrical barrel covered in green cloth and placed on one end is displayed on a grey cloth surface.
Tabl. Courtesy of Guillaume Dimanche.


A lyre-like instrument with six strings strung between a crossbar and circular, animal-skin-covered sound box.
Ṭambūra. Courtesy of Guillaume Dimanche.