(Re)Patriating the Business of Music in Oman: Examples of the Tangible and Intangible in an Omani Arts Economy


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from Chapter 4 by Anne K. Rasmussen, pg. 50-68
In Music in Arabia,

Edited by Isso Boulos, Virginia Danielson and Anne K. Rasmussen


Video Example #1

"Ughniyāt Mahrajān Muscat" - Theme Song for the Muscat Festival 2015
Fathi Mohsin: Singer: Khaled al-Faisaly
Composer: Fathi Mohsin
Lyrics: Othman al-Sady
Arranger: Raed al-Rarsi
Maqam: Bayati ´ala al-nawa

This song was composed and recorded for the annual Muscat Festival (Mahrajān Muscat). The percussion was recorded in Muscat. The violins and ‘cellos were recorded in Egypt (the composer sent the files and the new tracks recorded in Cairo were then sent back to Oman). The chorus was recorded in Dubai. The song was played across Omani broadcast media to advertise and celebrate the Muscat Festival and also broadcast across the festival grounds. In Chapter 4 (pages 55-58), Anne K. Rasmussen describes the process of composing and recording the song.


Video Example #2

Nabeel al-Dheeb, who works in his small recording studio in the coastal town of Sur, Oman, overdubs Misha’s vocal track on a prerecorded arrangement of the Omani regional genre abū al-zalaf, with the original lyrics Misha has created for his friends.

See description of this event in the chapter by Anne K. Rasmussen, page 58.

Sur, Oman. Video by the author.