The Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive (IULMIA) is the place film history becomes digital resources. As one of the world's largest archives and educational film and video collections, IULMIA features media spanning almost eight decades. 

Gifts to Moving Image Archive Fund go towards the general support of IULMIA, a member of the distinguished International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF), the world's leading association for film preservation. Funding helps maintain some of the last copies of 20th century films, ensures that 21st century students will see history and culture on the screen, and sustains the environments and equipment to view these important materials. In addition, IULMIA plays a central role in the Indiana University Media Digitization & Preservation Initiative (MDPI). 

IULMIA hosted the inaugural Biennial Audio-Visual Archival Summer School (BAVASS) in 2019 to train the next generation of film archivists. BAVASS, in conjunction with FIAF, gathered 50 students and 35 instructors from 12 countries around the world. Through expert-oriented programs such as this, IULMIA supports the preservation and maintenance of collections at IU

The archive is protected at Indiana University's Ruth Lilly Auxiliary Library Facility,while the Screening Room and offices are located in Herman B Wells Library, room 048. 

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