ATMuse is a collaborative effort between archives, publishers, scholars, and museums to provide time-based media and image collections in conjunction with publications and exhibits. ATMuse is coordinated by the Archives of Traditional Music at Indiana University and currently partners with The Musical Quarterly,  and The University of Mississippi Press. It is the intention of ATMuse to continue to increase the number of partners and participants. ATMuse gives users a short, easy to remember URL - -  to print in publications so that the audio and video recordings will be easy to find. Online media is supported and maintained by the Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music.

An important part of our efforts to support scholarship and education is to ensure that recordings are made broadly available in accordance with legal, ethical, and contractual obligations. All recordings that appear in ATMuse have been licensed or vetted for adherence to these obligations.

If you are a scholar, instructor, or publisher with an interest in participating in ATMuse, contact the Archives at atmusic @ indiana . edu for more information. ATMuse is especially interested in publications and projects that utilize the holdings of the Archives of Traditional Music, but will also consider supporting projects with recordings that come from other sources.