About microforms

Microforms store large amounts of printed material in a small space last longer than print. Microforms are often the only way to access a resource. Our collection includes a wide variety of primary source materials in all disciplines, as well as government documents, doctoral dissertations and back issues of newspapers and periodicals.

Unfortunately, microforms are usually in black and white only and require special equipment to read them. Goverment Information, Maps, and Microform Services makes such equipment available to anyone who comes in.










Finding microforms

Typically, you would find microforms the same way you would find other materials: in IUCat. Some collections require additional guides to understand. For help, ask at the service desk.

Microform readers/scanners in GIMMS

Typically, you would log into one of the computers attached to the microform machines near the GIMMS service desk and scan the microforms to a PDF. Direct printing is not supported. We still have a few machines left that do not require a computer to use, but you can't capture images them without one. If you are not affliated with IU, don't worry! We can provide you with a guest log-in.

ST ViewScan II

This is one of our new ViewScan machines. It is a powerful device that can handle all the formats we own, though it requires a computer to use.

As long as the department is open, there will always be somebody at the desk who can show you how to use the machines.

Circulation and Inter-Library Loan

We make our collection available to other institutions through Inter-library Loan. You are also welcome to use our machines for borrowed or personally-owed microforms.

Services and costs

Self-service scans are free, and IU students, faculty and staff can print using their print quotas. Non-IU affiliated patrons can purchase a print quota at the UITS help desk in the Information Commons (1st floor, West Tower).

We will scan articles for you, if you use Request Article Delivery, a service available to IU affiliates.

For further information, please contact us at libgimms@indiana.edu.

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