Marketing Research

Posted by Christina Sheley, Head, Business/SPEA Information Commons
Marketing research

Marketing research is an important component of business information, crucial in writing business plans, forming business strategies, and participating in case competitions. The Libraries subscribe to a number of resources that that can be used for marketing research.

If you need to find:

U.S. Consumer Demographics and Spending Habits: Use Mintel and Simmons OneView to get consumer demographics and information on spending habits for particular goods or services.

Global Consumer Demographics and Lifestyles: Use Passport GMID for detailed consumer demographics and lifestyles for over 235 countries and some international cities.

Local (U.S.) Consumer Demographics and Spending Habits: Use Reference USA and SimplyAnalytics to get consumer demographics and information on spending habits for locations as specific as a given street or neighborhood.

Consumer Trends: Use Mintel (U.S.) and Passport GMID (Global) to get analysts' insights into current and future consumer trends.

Marketing Strategies: Use Mintel or ABI/Inform for information on current marketing and social media strategies for a given market, including which strategies are working and which aren't.

Advertising Spending: Use Red Books to see how much a given company spends on advertising, segmented by different types of media.

Consumer or Product Information: Use ABI/InformBusiness Source Complete, and RDS Business Reference Suite to find articles about consumers, products, and trends.

Consumer Psychology and Behavior: Search PsycARTICLES to find scholarly studies of consumer behavior.

Have other marketing research needs? Contact the Business/SPEA Information Commons in-person or by e-mail or chat for assistance.