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Your Voice Matters.

The purpose of the Library Undergraduate Advisory Council (LUAC) is to provide a formal channel of communication between students and the Libraries’ Administrators. The Council consists of undergraduate students who bring diverse perspectives, academic experiences, and personal backgrounds to the issues that academic libraries face.

The LUAC holds formal meetings at least 4 times annually to discuss matters related to all the IU Libraries including feedback about collections, access, services, and present and future needs of the student community.

The group also assists in making specific recommendations to improve the Library and considers proposals for future changes in services. Members of the LUAC discuss how the Library can most effectively communicate its resources, services and plans with students, and conversely, how students can most effectively communicate their wishes, needs and concerns to the Library.

Perks and benefits of serving on the Council:

Serving on the Council will provide an opportunity to share with the library administration concerns of highest priority to students. Student will have opportunities to attend receptions, presentations, tours, and talks at the Herman B Wells or Lilly Libraries as well as attend short workshops and sessions on topics such as GIS, Copyright laws, job interview research and preparation, or become a part of an academic writing group.

Participation can provide connections for future references; be an opportunity network and become a part of the IU Bloomington community. Members will be an influencing voice in shaping the library services and spaces important to you and your peers.

Council members also enjoy the benefit of meals at meetings.

What is expected of members?

Your role as a member will be to offer insights about how the library can best support students’ educational experience at IU. Members provide an informed student perspective on policies, services, collections and spaces; participate in development of surveys and other assessment tools; and represent the Library at local events and meetings.  Examples of other responsibilities include though are not limited to:

  • Attend four to five annual meetings.
  • Advise in the design and implementation of library policies and services affecting students
  • Offer student perspectives on relevant library issues
  • Gather input from other IU students,
  • Inform the design and policies for the renovation of IU Libraries
  • Represent the IU Library at campus events and meetings
  • Serve as advocates for the library among the IU student body or via other opportunities as they arise

Members are asked to contribute their ideas and opinions and respectfully consider other ideas brought to the Council. The term of service is one academic year, with possible renewal of the appointment. There are likely to be other opportunities to participate through focus groups, online surveys, library events, and contributions.

Interested students with questions about the Council may contact Diane Dallis (ddallis@iu.edu), Associate Dean for Library Planning and Administration.

Representative Members

All members may serve up to three years. Library Administration places special emphasis on recruiting members from diverse backgrounds and experiences to insure that members of the group represent a wide range of student perspectives.